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To expedite the support process, you should:
  • List your system configuration (CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Videocard, Monitor, Operating system and all the other goodies)
  • Please try to fully describe the problem that you are encountering, and what was changed in the machine prior to encountering this problem.
  • Be respectful. While you may be frustrated with the problems you are experiencing, our technical support representatives are working as quickly as possible to help you.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Thread Subject Author Last Post
Cooling the Voodoo 3 3000 Rav 11/27/99 00:01
Games crashing to desktop: Help Tech Support! tengland 11/27/99 00:01
I reformated and still crash to desktop!!HELP!! STEF1966 11/26/99 23:56
alpha blending not stuttering problem? PageFault 11/26/99 23:50
Problems with MANY games!!! NEED AN STRAIGHT ANSWER NOW FROM 3DFX TECH.SUPP.! soundtrack 11/26/99 23:49
game crahing to desktop flounder6 11/26/99 23:44
NT4 drivers for a voodoo 3 3500 tv giro- 11/26/99 23:38
Voodoo3 3500TV Dual Monitor Support? Jixter 11/26/99 23:26
How does on change a device's IRQ? RapperDMX 11/26/99 23:21
Problem with V3 2000 PCI (yes another one dammit) Master_Of_Puppets 11/26/99 23:17
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!! koolguy41 11/26/99 23:04
Help!!! V3 2000 on mobo Soyo with BASTARD SiS530 integrated! valerio25 11/26/99 22:57
Voodoo 3 DX 7 Driver Updated Hosed Starcraft Adrick 11/26/99 22:55
Voodoo 3 freezes Dual PII 450 no blue screen chivey 11/26/99 22:53
No subject chivey 11/26/99 22:53

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