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3dfx Privacy Statement

The following statement is an outline of our practices with regard to our use of personal information.

Information Collection
We collect a information about our readers to provide the best experience, through both content and advertising.

We ask for your name, email address, and other personal information when you register to use message boards, chat, post news, reviews or links. We may also reserve the right to ask for this information during other events, such as contests.

If you are under the age of 13, you MUST get parental consent before sending any personal information. If you are under the age of 17, you should get parental consent before sending personal information.

Use of personal information
3dfx collects personal information to provide the user with the best experience, and to provide our advertisers with demographic information. This demographic information is used to deliver targeted advertisement, such as banner ads. Individual user data is not shared with 3rd parties.

Our cookies help deliver the correct and sometimes more personalized information to our users. Our cookies do not capture private data, or track where you surf the web, or. Ads served ads on 3dfx Gamers may also use cookies, but we do not control, nor have access to those cookies.

IP addresses aid in deciding the type of content we deliver, and how people use the site.

Disclosure of personal information
3dfx will not disclose any information about individual users, except as described in this Privacy Statement, or to comply with applicable laws or valid legal process, or to protect the rights or property of 3dfx Gamers.

We do not give, rent, lend, or sell individual information to our advertisers, only aggregate information. We may also use this aggregated information to help the advertisers reach the kind of audience they want. The advertiser never has access to individual account information. Only 3dfx has access to individuals' accounts.

We may also disclose general information regarding our user base, but not an individual user. This includes data such as number of users, gender, and like information. We may also disclose aggregate information in order to describe our services to prospective partners, advertisers, and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes. We may disclose personal information in some limited circumstances, but we will specifically describe them to you when we collect the information, such as in the rules of a sweepstakes or some new service.

Direct mailings
When you register for our site or other services available on our site, if you leave the box regarding direct mailings checked, we will send you information that you may find interesting, regarding products, news, and so forth. Only 3dfx will send you these mailings.

Account deactivation or edits to personal information
If you want to correct or change the information in your Profile, please go to the profile page.

Other information
The information you post in public areas, such as message boards, chat rooms, the news, reviews, and links can be read by anyone. Whatever personal information you disclose in these areas, can be collected and used by others.

We aim to protect your information to the best of our abilities, however, we do not guarantee any information you send to us, and as such is at your own risk.

When you exit 3dfx Gamers, through a link, or other means, other sites will have their own privacy practices, which may differ greatly from ours. You are responsible for the amount of information that you give to these sites, and 3dfx bears no responsibility or liability for their practices.

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