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HotHardware.com pretty much says it all. They look at Hot Hardware. They don’t mess around with software or mice, they only cover the main components of your system--the real guts. Motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs are their forte. If it’s new and hot, chances are they love it, like it or hate it before you even think about buying it. You want to know how it works or how to make it work out of spec, they can help.

HotHardware is run by a guy in Beantown named Dave Altavilla. Go there to get his take on the Voodoo 3 3000, 3500TV or Desktop TV and for his interview with Peter Wicher of 3dfx. We know that besides always having an excuse for the Red Sox not winning the pennant, folks from Boston tend to be very vocal, so let’s see what Davo has to say.

Tell me about your first time with 3dfx?
This one is a little embarrassing. I never thought this type of thing could be real until it happened to me. One clear and starry night in the heat of typical New England summer, I decided to go for a walk down to the lake to cool off. Of course, when I got there, I remembered I forgot my swim trunks so I decided to go au-natural. I was swimming along by myself peacefully when I noticed TWO totally GORGEOUS ladies watching me through the bushes near by! WELL, one thing lead to another and before you know it we all were going at it like animals in a frenzy! Me, that cute little Monster 3D 12Meg card and that amazing Wild 3dfx Banshee! (end cheesy Penthouse Forum rip off here)

Oh sorry, I must have mixed up a couple experiences there… Actually, I fired up my first Voodoo1 card back when they first hit the market and have owned every new version of Voodoo technology ever since. Seeing GLQuake on the Voodoo1, for the first time back then, did give me a chubby though…

Tell me about how Hot Hardware got started?
Alright, I better get straight faced for this one. We will have been on the net for 1 year in January. I started HotHardare really out of necessity, quite frankly. I had a ridiculous appetite for getting the latest new toys for my PC every time something new came to market. Whether it was a motherboard, CPU or cool new 3D card, I had to have it. I was always scouring the net for reviews of the latest products, to see which one was the performance leader. After a few years of this, I had so much experience with hardware that I thought, why not get my own web site going? I really enjoy the writing process as well. In addition, I had enough review content in my head and laying around my house in the form of equipment, that it was very easy for me to just start sharing experiences and opinions on the products I was playing around with. I got some help on the web publishing side of things from my buddy Tim at Triptonics (they are a reseller I had been using a lot) and we were off to the races. Tim actually still writes for us once in a while.

There are other hardware sites on the web, what makes yours different?
Excellent question… You are getting me back for all those torturous interviews we did with you, aren’t you Brian? Well, I would like to think we cover products from a comprehensive and technical perspective with professionalism. We’ll throw in a little levity of course, to keep things entertaining, like taking a shot a Mechanical Engineer for the way a company laid out their board. For the most part though, we like to stick to the agenda that most folks come to our site for, that being a look at what is “Hot” in the PC components market today. Hence the name, I guess…

I personally like to know what makes new technologies tick and why a given product scores the way it does in a benchmark or performance test. What good are benchmarks if you have no basis for comparison or even a clue as to how the numbers you are looking at got there? That’s my philosophy anyway, even if it sounds a little corny.

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