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Voodoo 3 Reviews and Articles

Voodoo3 2000 Review at tucows.com
[1-13-99] You will be able to see a tremendous difference in your game. By adding the Voodoo 3 2000, and making your wallet only one hundred dollars or less lighter, you will see a remarkable difference.

V3 3500TV review at gamersdepot.com.
[added 1-11-00, review written 8-03-99] "An excellent gaming solution which when compared to the current competition has no problems holding its own."

V3 3500 review at 3d-unlimited.com.
[1-11-00] "This was a very exciting review for me. The graphics speed was amazing and the multimedia features were awesome. I would recommend this card for anyone who is looking for a good all in one graphics board."

Voodoo3 3500TV review at aussiegamer.com
[1-10-00] Aussiegamer.com takes a look at the V3 3500TV, ultimately recommending it as an upgrade to 3d cards, even if you're a semi-serious gamer dabbling in video editing.

Voodoo 3 3000 PCI review at hothardware.com
[1-10-00] All told, the Voodoo3 3000 PCI is yet another fine 3dfx product sure to please the masses. The Voodoo3 3000 PCI is an interesting combination of high end 3D Graphics Technology scaled to the mainstream market.

Voodoo 3 3000 AGP review at Desktopwatch.com
[1-5-00] All of this comes to show that with this card you are backed with an incredible amount of muscle that will power your most demanding games without breaking a sweat. Whether its colored lighting or fantastic explosions and fireworks, you will get the most beautiful graphics and extremely smooth performance with this card.

V3 3500 TV review.
"When 3dfx first announced their Voodoo3 line, many loyal fans knew right away what they wanted: the high-end Voodoo3 3500. Originally scheduled to be released in June about a month after the 2000 and the 3000 series, 3dfx delayed the 3500 and gave it a major overhaul. Instead of just doing a higher clocked Voodoo3, they decided to create a more complete multimedia solution. With that in mind, they came up with the Voodoo3 3500TV."

V3 3000 review by Dave Barron.
"What we want to do is give you the straight facts, and after that, our opinion. With this, we feel that you'll be able to make your own conclusion as to the quality of the Voodoo3 as a product."

V3 3000 review by Kristof Beets.
"3dfx is a company with a bit of a weird history. They launched a completely revolutionary product several years ago, and that first revolution has since set some quite high expectations for every new product that is released by both 3dfx and every other manufacturer."

V3 3500 review at voodooextreme.com
"The Voodoo3 3500TV is the fastest available video accelerator from the company. Plus it is also one which very much confirms the new direction of 3dfx. Not only do we have a graphics card that has one of, if not the, fastest 2D and 3D performance available today but we have a graphics card that does video editing and TV & FM tuning! Heck, get rid of that radio and TV, people!!"

V3 3500 Review.
"With the latest member of the Voodoo 3 family, the Voodoo 3 3500TV goes beyond the realm of the conventional 3d accelerator. Say goodbye to your plain old vanilla 3D accelerator with just 2D and 3D. 3dfx has upped the standard with the 3500TV and provided full video editing capabilities, and a TV and FM radio tuner, and kick-ass 3D performance to boot!"

V3 3500 Review at WickedPC.com
"The Voodoo3 3500TV is the king for performance."

V3 3500 Review at SharkyExtreme.
"When 3dfx initially announced the Voodoo3 3500, I will admit to being a bit underwhelmed. Although it featured an ultra-high 183 MHz clock rate, the only other feature of notice was support for LCD displays. With the high price and low market penetration of LCD monitors, this added feature wasn’t exactly going to be huge factor for most gamers. Thankfully, 3dfx went back to the drawing board and lost the LCD feature in favor of some multimedia extras and enhanced video capabilities. Essentially, all the functionality of the STB Desktop TV has been added to the Voodoo3 3500 while still maintaining its 183 MHz speeds."

V3 2000 User Reviews at cnet.com.
"There's no question that the name Voodoo is popular among the gaming set for superior graphics performance. The Voodoo 3 chip consistently posts the fastest performance on both 2D and 3D applications over every processor we've tested. While 3dfx has marketed the Voodoo 3 2000 as a lower-end, more affordable card compared to the rest of its product line, you won't suffer from slow performance with this one."

Velocity Reviews and Articles

Velocity 100 Review at anandtech.com
"On July 26, 1999, 3dfx quietly announced the Velocity line of cards, borrowing the name STB previously used for their top of the line NVIDIA products. In this press release, very little information was given out regarding the chipset used or performance potential, but there was a clear emphasis that the Velocity was for business users. There was speculation that this was perhaps a "cut-down" Voodoo3 or even a revival of the Banshee, but nothing was certain and 3dfx was not particularly interested in talking about the Velocity."

See how the Velocity 100 faired in the Budget Video Comparison.
"The fact that the latest technology doesn’t remain that way for more than 6 months can be quite annoying to the cost conscious buyer, but it does have an upside. The fact is that today it’s easy to find an excellent 2D/3D accelerator at a price that would have only provided adequate performance not too long ago."

FXT1, T Buffer, and other 3dfx Technology Articles

22-Bit rendering Tech Article by Kristof Beets.
"The other day, I asked myself quite a few questions about the whether or not it is possibility to create 22-bit color output, when you only have 16-bit dithered input. The cause for this question was a column written by 3dfx's Gary Tarolli (you can find that column here). At first, it sounds like a hoax, or at least like a lame excuse for their lack of support for true 24-bit color. But, as I will show in this article, it is indeed possible to approach 22-bit color output using just 16-bit dithered input."

Follow up to the 22-Bit rendering article above.

Follow up 22-Bit rendering article Part II.

V3 Image Quality Issues.
"Today's most discussed subject is image quality. There are several reasons for this, but the basis of it all is the fact that 3dfx's latest product, the Voodoo3, isn't supporting 24/32-bit color. Because of this many people have jumped to the conclusion that the Voodoo3 will have seriously inferior image quality. However Gary Tarolli from 3dfx jumped up in defense of his beloved product and wrote a little column explaining (well more like mentioning and stressing) that their output is more like 22-bit than 16-bits."

Technical Briefing about T-Buffer.
Because we have such a large amount of coverage of the 3dfx technology summit, we'll start you off with the following and we will quickly be adding more information both tonight and possibly tomorrow. Beyond 3D's Technology Summit Report:
T-buffer Technology Demo Screenshots
T-buffer White Paper or Download the Word Document
T-buffer Technology Demo Movies"

FXT1 Visited.
"Last Monday, 3dfx had a conference call in which the press got to do a bit of a Q&A on 3dfx's second technology announcement in less than two months. The first announcement was regarding the T-buffer technology, which has proven to be most interesting, yet still leaves a few questions in our mind. Well I know for a fact that many were hoping that this would be a product announcement, but as we expected, it was not. This was rather about 3dfx's new texture compression technology, FXT1. It looks pretty interesting, but we've got some questions."

3dfx FXT1 Texture Compression Explored.
"With this latest feature announcement of FXT1 trailing on the heels of the T-Buffer saga, it is apparent that the next generation of 3dfx technology is coming to light piecemeal. While the suspence is certainly bearable, we do hope there is a crescendo built into the final bit as ending up with the ubiquitous TV out would be most unsatisfying."

3dfx FXT1 Advanced Texture Compression.
"We here at Hot Hardware are eager to see what 3dfx's "Napalm" product line can do. They seem to have all the bases covered this time, Fill-rate, Frame-rate, 32bit color and now huge textures. Great stuff.... We can't wait! :-)"

3dfx debut new technology.
"Bungie has already spoken out about having used the new technology for its games Halo and Oni, as well as Loki entertainment (which ports games to Linux) and Flatland Rover, a 3DML web application. More companies will certainly make announcements in the future regarding support of the free technology. "

More 3dfx technology.
"If 3dfx can convince developers to create for FXT1 (twist those arms if you have to), we'll soon be seeing 3D worlds with many times the realism of today's games."

Extreme Hardware.
"3dfx should be commended for the bringing high quality texture compression to everyone, for free. It is rare that a hardware company will develop something purely for the industry's benefit (as opposed to for their own benefit)."

"I think the greatest part of all about this new development is that it will lend a bit more gaming exposure to other operating systems such as Linux. Since Linux is a much more efficient OS, I wouldn't mind playing more games on it to save on the performance hit of running a massive GUI patchwork OS like Windows 98."

"First FXT1 is really a second gen texture compression format that is very open ended."

"FXT1 is going to be open source and cross-platform, something that I'm sure pleases many, including Carmack."

"Only time will tell, but since Scott Sellers himself has been working hands-on with this next generation chipset, 3dfx could potentially dominate the market."

"3dfx has announced their new texture compression technology. Just what is it? Well below you'll find the press release, but watch for an article soon about the technology that will not only take a look at it, but also raise a few important questions."

FXT1 Article at gamersdepot.com
"3dfx Makes Next-Generation Graphics Technology Freely Available To Developers"

Say hello to FXT1 Texture Compression...
"Which sounds totally unremarkable. After all, everybody and their dog (well, NVIDIA and S3 at least) already have texture compression support, and Microsoft have built it into DirectX as DXTC. In fact, even 3dfx will be supporting DXTC with the Napalm."

3dfx T-Buffer.
"In layman's terms, T-Buffer technology will enable 3dfx's next-generation card to execute five distinct visual effects previously unavailable to other 3D accelerators."

Technology Preview: The 3dfx T-Buffer.
"On July 27th, 3dfx invited several members of the press to their San Jose office to be shown a technology demo. Many were hoping that specifications for 3dfx’s next-gen product would be released, but this was not to be. They did release specs on a part of the next-gen product, this part being the T-buffer."

Setting Standards In 3D Graphics.
"Once upon a time, this little spin off / start-up out of Silicon Graphics, invented a great new 3D only graphics chip called Voodoo..."

T-Buffer article at gamersdepot.com
"3dfx announces breakthrough 3D technology that brings realtime cinematic effects to the home PC."

T-Buffer Screen Shots.
"With the recent announcment of the 3dfx T-Buffer, we thought that you'd like to see what all these new effects will look like in-game. Here are some split screen shots showing off one of the demos that 3dfx showed us while down there."

3dfx Unveils T-Buffer Technology.
"Ron Mendoza headed to 3dfx HQ this week to check out a new technology the company has devised known as, T-Buffering. So just what is T-Buffering and how will it give 3dfx the lead in upcoming video cards? Read on..."

3dfx T-Buffer.
"Because of the lack of higher powered Voodoo4 power, all of the demos of the T-Buffer were shown on Quantum 3D based systems with multiple Voodoo2 cards. This means that the movies and screenshots you see are run on lower video quality hardware then the future cards from 3dfx."

T-Buffer Technology Announced
"What I discovered in the offices at 3dfx was more than a promise to do 32-bit rendering, but instead a new revolution in the the way that gamers see and play their games. Never again will Nvidia be able to claim that 3dfx is weak on image quality."

T-Buffer To Change 3D Gaming.
"3dfx announced bold plans Friday to change the world of 3D acceleration on PCs. It's ultra-secret "T-buffer" promises users a host of Hollywood cinema effects while maintaining high framerates."

3dfx Next-Generation Technology Explored.
"In late 1996, 3dfx truly took one giant leap for 'gaming-kind' (yeah ok, ok the first step on the moon was a bit more important -Ed) by unleashing their Voodoo Graphics chip. Gamers (and game developers) lapped it up and for 18 months no one could touch Voodoo- 3dfx (then 3Dfx) was THAT far in front in terms of their technology."

3dfx Technology Update.
"The one who currently leads the 3D acceleration market right now is open to much debate (though there are two majority camps). However, the one who set the initial spark that lead the fiery heat of personal 3D technology is undeniably 3Dfx (then with the capital 'd')."

3dfx Technology T-Buffer overview.
"AnandTech, along with a number of other online and print magazines, were recently invited down to 3dfx headquarters in San Jose, CA for a look at "something new." We weren't told exactly what, and hopes of a hands on preview of 3dfx's next generation product were quickly squashed as we were informed that it would be a technology demonstration rather than a product announcement. But that's ok, because we still got to see one of the key technologies planned for that next generation product that 3dfx says will be available 'this Fall.'"

3dfx Unveils the Next Step in 3D Technology
"One of the most exciting aspects of this technology is that it will work with all of your existing 3D accelerated games, reducing jagged lines in anything that supports 3D acceleration. It will also work with all current APIs, including GLide, OpenGL and D3D.

3dfx Announces Realtime T-Buffer Technology
3dfx news article listing

The next from 3dfx.
"...again, I had always hoped "What if...?" regarding the next 3dfx product. Can they deliver something that would make the current nVidia-vs-3dfx debate a non-issue?
Enter the Voodoo4. Or when it eventually enters, that is. And if it will even be called that. It is not slated for retail until October."

3dfx unveils new 3-D graphics tech
"Known as the T-buffer, the new hardware technology allows effects such as anti-aliasing (for smoothing the jagged look of 3-D images), motion blurring (emulating the effect of movement too fast for the "camera") and depth of field blur (foreground appears in focus while background does not)."


Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 Q&A at Extreme Hardware.
[1-11-99] Extreme Hardware chats with Peter Wicher, 3dfx's Director of Product Marketing, about Voodoo4 and Voodoo5.

3dfx Interview at Rush3d.com.
[1-11-00] A chat about Napalm and upcoming plans from 3dfx.

Interview with Brian Burke at Speedy3d.
"Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing 3dfx's Brian Burke. Brian Burke is 3dfx's public relation's manager, so he has plenty of knowledge to answer these questions. We didn't get much info out of him in terms of 3dfx's next generation product, but we did manage to get some other very juicy tid bits. Read on..."

Interview with Brian Burke at voodoo3.net.
"1) There are tons of rumors flying that the Voodoo 4 isn't going to make Christmas or even the year at all, but might be as late as next spring. That'd be a huge delay. How much truth is there to this rumor? [Brian Burke] Some of 3dfx Interactive's executives have stated publicly that our next generation product may ..."

Misc Articles

SharkyExtreme covers Macworld Expo '00
[1-11-00]Check out the new video cards 3dfx has in store for this year as featured at Macworld Expo 2000.

ZDnet talks about the Voodoo for the Mac.
[1-11-00] The best 3D cards for the Mac are for the PC! The Voodoo3 for the Mac - the Millennium Voodoo.

10 Technologies for the Next Millenium
[12-31-99] C|Net takes a look at 10 technologies that are leaving the development stage and emerging as solid products. Guess who's #7? You got it, 3dfx's T-Buffer.

Which Voodoo 3 is right for you?
"There sure has been a lot going on in the video card market lately, and 3dfx has played no small role there, having released Mac drivers regularly for their Voodoo products. With that, I've had quite a few people ask me the same question... you guessed it - "Which Voodoo 3 Card Should I Get?" There are a lot of factors to consider, so read on!"

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