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Duke Nukem 3D Teamplay

Any gamer, that's a gamer has got their paws on Doom at one point or another. Doom was renowned around the world as a huge turning point in gaming. I believe that the moment Doom became popular, the 3D gaming era began. Doom not only stirred the 3D era, it also single handedly created the Deathmatch. Doom was the cradle for deathmatch. A form of gaming that is so fast and furious, it began to develop it's own set of vocabulary that is so common in games of today. Words such as Frag before the time of Doom if you said Frag, many would have thought you were from a foreign country. The concept of Deathmatch of has seem to lasted the test of time and everyone is trying to jump on the band wagon by throwing in deathmatch capabilities into their games to add replay. Over time there have been variations of this form of multiplay. Yet there is one for of multiplay that didn't seem to last long enough to see 2D sprites replaced by polygonal characters, Cooperative play.

I am sure right now you are saying "What about Team Fortress?!". I though the same thing too, but I know each and every one of you guys who are reading this have taken a pot shot at a team mate. To be able to lob a guy on your team with a rocket launcher and have him still survive doesn't make the bonds between the team too strong. Sure it is teamplay, but you as a player are not necessary to the rest of the team. Many a times I have seen some crazed maniac probably on a pixy stick high running in circles in Team Fortress just making life hard for the rest of us. Even though he was on my team, my team was able to function without him. The last game that I remember to have full-fledged team-play support was Duke Nukem. The cooperative play of that game, not only made you vulnerable to your team but also to the enemies. This very feature of being vulnerable to your own team has been lost in most action games and only remains in the squad based realism games such as Rainbow Six and the SWAT.

I am mostly and mainly a PC-Gamer. But whenever I can I go and glance at a Mac game or two. Mac gamers out there will recognize a little game called Marathon 2: Durandle (apologies for spelling). Marathon also brought in the cooperative play aspect and did it so well, that I found many lunches in 9th grade in the Mac lab, just to get another taste of it. The game impressed me by aiming more on sloving puzzles as a team. The sense of achievement that it created was immense. Having 3 or 4 buddies watching your back as you trek through unknown territory is one of the coolest feelings in gaming. Sadly, many developers have forgot about it and have moved on.

Developers nowadays are more focused on the killing aspect of deathmatch and teamplay. For example take Unreal Tournament. Those of you who have played the game know that when you are playing in a capture the flag match with bots sometimes your computer controlled buddies get in the way, right? What do you do? You blow their friggin head off! That totally contradicts the word "Team". To work as a team is to work together. Yes, yes, I know, the bot shouldn't have been there in the first place, but if you did that in, let's say, a real paintball field, you'd probably get shot back at! That momentary treason could create utter chaos!

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