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AGN has had a series of evolutions over the years but one thing has remained constant…they are one of the biggies. With a huge readership for news to fall back on, it gives them the ability to try new and innovative things. The most recent evolution has seen AGN transform from a news site to a full-blown digital TV station under the Pseudo Network banner. They have a full schedule of live action video programming on computer gadgets and games that can be downloaded and played back over the Internet. At your leisure you can click on shows like Game Time!, 240 Seconds of Gaming, All Games Hardware, Lilith and Eve, Shooters and many more. In fact, most of the product reviews are now done in video format.

We had a few questions for the man over at AGN, Joshua Krane, managing editor to find out a little bit about the only television network for gamers, why the video and about that really sexy chick with the short blonde hair on the Lilith and Eve show.

Tell me about your first time with 3dfx?

Well, my first experience was with the Voodoo Rush. Like all others that were disappointed with the Virge based cards, I started to look for a better solution for gaming (I think it was Tomb Raider that started this search for me). I started by doing a little research on message boards and in usenet. After buying the Rush, I was one of those fine folks who helped to get the Rush daughter cards exchanged for Voodoo Graphics Cards. So I guess my first happy experience with 3dfx was with the Voodoo Graphics…that was the first time my eyes were really opened to 3d gaming.

Tell me about how you got started with AGN?

I was a freelance hardware reviewer for some time before starting with AGN full time. I worked for the 3Dbrotherhood and Psycho News and wrote text for Voodoo Magazine while I was in Graduate School. I met the whole AGN crew at E3 in 1999 (Freelancers don’t always get to carouse with the staff). After dinner one night with Scot Rubin and Jim Downs (the brains behind allgames.com) we just decided the time and the fit were right. I have been full time ever since.

Tell us a little about the concept behind Pseudo and the All Games Network?

The concept of Pseudo is a pretty simple one: provide niche based programming those users can interact with. Users can chat with the hosts of a show while it’s live and help to direct the course of the show. All Games started as an Internet radio show (the original Game Time!) in Scot Rubin’s apartment. The idea was to bring the audience a first hand perspective of gaming from the developer’s perspective. When Pseudo started to do Internet radio and then video (with the aid of Real player) it was almost a no-brainer that Game Time! And Pseudo join forces.

Now the concept is a little different. All Games is in a unique position because there is a real lack of quality programming about gaming. There are a few computer/gaming shows like those on Knowledge TV and ZDTV but none that really get down to the real meat of the topics. All Games is trying to fill that gap by providing programming that gets to the heart of what the audience wants.

How did AGN decided to make the big move from text to video?

I think we were all waiting for this to happen eventually. AGN.com (originally AGN3D.com) was created to help augment allgames.com with relevant gaming information like news, reviews, screenshots, etc. It’s important to remember that Pseudo is ALL VIDEO. AGN3D’s all text model was all fine and dandy for about a year, but as video technology improved, and literally hundreds of sites started popping up that also provided text reviews we had to start to forge ourselves a niche or face blending in with the crowd. There was also a real problem in deciding how we wanted to cover the inflow of games and hardware that were sent in for review. We had a freelance model set-up, whereby reviewers could work from home and test products for a text review, but there was a lot of discontinuity in how the reviews were being done.

The final straw was the tragic news that Jeremy Allford (our news editor and top reviewer) had been diagnosed with a Brain tumor. In the face of that situation we were forced to make a decision: bring on yet another freelancer to help while Jeremy underwent treatment or use that opportunity to make the push to move to video. Looking back, I’m glad we made the switch, and I’m, even happier that Jeremy is going to be OK and is still on the team despite the changes.

There are a lot of other high-tech sites on the Web, what makes yours different?

The video and our personalities. No one else is doing video, so that’s the easy answer. Most of the larger sites have some sort of personality driving them. Take Billy at VE for example. Even if his news was horrible on a particular day, the personality of the site would still make the page a good read. We too rely on personality; we have Vangie Beal (PC news editor) who is not only a spokesperson for women gamers but is also a parent and an avid gamer. Frank Davis (Console news editor) adds his somewhat twisted humor to the site as well. I think their personalities are a big part of who we have become.


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