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I must say, I'm a little bored of the good 'ol first person shooters. I find myself getting tired and giving up within the first three or four levels when playing them single player, and multi-player just opens me up to playing with a bunch of idiots.

But then Unreal Tournament was placed on my desk. I had played the original Unreal and found it to fall inline with the aforementioned, so you understand if I wasn't immediately excited to install it on my precious machine and rip into it. But had I known what I was about to get into with this game, the CD wouldn't even have had a chance to make contact with my desktop before I would have intercepted it and tossed it in the CD-ROM.

In this game, it is your mission to kill. You don't have to get to the surface of any dark underground oriface. There are no level-ending monsters to kill. Only other players. This is (pretty much) a multiplayer game, and only a multiplayer game. You are a brute faced up against other trained fighting brutes. All you must do is survive with the most frags. Walking away with first place opens up other tournament maps and aggressors.

Since I'm on the subject of maps, I should tell you that I've never seen such a plethora of beautiful looking environments to play in than I've seen with this game. There are 60 maps in the game altogher (at least that I have found), and each of them is equally as interesting and stimulating. There are caves to fight in, trains to conquer, castles to destroy, galleons to bloodstain, and so much more. This is truly a gorgeous game with plenty of eye candy.

Where this game is different is that you can play 'multiplayer' against the computer. You can set up an internet game and choose to place 'bots' to play against (or play on your team). As real players enter the game, the bots are displaced. This is a very cool feature. Gone are the days of bitching about uneven teams. Now we must find other excuses for why we are losing (I still think 'I was typing' is a winner).

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