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Voodoo2 Macintosh OS 8.x Version: 1.0b5 Beta5 (OpenGL 1.0b11)

Download Updated: Updated January 25, 2000
Page Updated: Updated January 25, 2000

What’s new in 1.0b5 Beta5 (OpenGL 1.0b11)
  1. Fixed problem with double-buffering on Rainbow Six.
  2. Fixed problems with darkness on Quake3 related to gamma settings.

System Requirements
  • MacOS 8.x
  • Voodoo2 Graphics Accelerator

Download and Installation Instructions
  1. Click on the link below to begin downloading. The file you are downloading is a self extracting archive.
  2. Run this file. It will extract the Voodoo2 drivers to a folder named "Voodoo2Drivers".
  3. Once the drivers are extracted, follow the instructions given in the "Voodoo2 Read Me" file contained in the extracted folder.

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The files in this driver release may not be mixed with files from any previous driver release. It is important that all older driver revisions be removed from your system. As always, please check the Release Notes file for further information.

NOTES: These drivers will only work on Apple Macintosh systems. They are primarily intended for use by programmers wishing to develop applications utilizing the Glide API on the Macintosh platform. 3dfx will not offer end-user support nor warrant any hardware used in association with these drivers.

Voodoo2 Macintosh OS 8.x Version: 1.0b5 Beta5 (OpenGL 1.0b11) BinHex Format (485KB)
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