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You've heard this before, NHL 2000 is the best looking and best sounding sports game overall, and its true. Over the years, from it's humble beginnings on the Genesis and SNES to this year, NHL 2000 has become better and better. Next years NHL game, with the inclusion of all 32 NHL teams, should be the greatest sports game ever. Though NHL '96 held that title for a while... perhaps it still does?

What has made EA's NHL Sports games better over the years? Some people say that the graphics are better, or the game is smarter, or that it sounds better, or the UI is better. Other reviews frequently mention these factors. I say EA's NHL Sports games are better because of the expansion teams. That's right. The addition of one or more teams has seemed to mean that the game is better than ever. Though, its not just the new team. Let me explain. If you had the original games, including NHL Hockey, you'll see what I mean.

Didn't it seem that every year there was an expansion team (or two, as the case was), EA Sports added more things to make the game better. For example in NHL '96, not only did EA add Anaheim and Florida, but they also added things like give and goes, spinos, and droppers. Seems like the right formula to me: expand with the expansion teams, then make minor changes until another expansion. If people didn't like the game after the first expansion, they could just wait until the next expansion. Correct me if I'm wrong!

This year it was the Import Your Face feature, the deke and quick stop abilities, and the new, smarter AI. EA has out done themselves again.

Chris McCauley

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