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I have to tell you all I've been getting bored with fps lately but then I got Half Life* in my mail box. First I thought just another Quake - Like game but I gave it a try anyway. As I fired it up and saw the first level I knew that this was not your normal beast. First off the AI is near perfect.

In Half Life you play the role of Gordon Freeman. A scientist at the Black Mesa research facility. When one of your experiments goes wrong all kinds of Baddies come out of a rip in space time.

First you must make your way to the surface fighting aliens and helping your colleagues only to get up to the surface and find that your government has sent in marines to kill everyone leaving no witnesses.

Now on with the Multiplayer part. Out of the box its just a normal old DeathMatch game. But when you download the patch for HL it also includes a new Multiplayer game called Team Fortress Classic. TFC is CTF with different classes of players such as medics and Soldiers. Its one of the best mods (modifacation) that I have ever played.

The sound, gameplay, and graphics are great. So what are you doing sitting there, go out and buy it now !

Christopher Pittman

*ED's NOTE: "Half-Life: Game Of The Year Edition" contains Team Fortress Classic on the CD, as well as WorldCraft 2.

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