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Livin' the "Half-Life"

Dave Corrasa is one crazy gamer. A PC user and game enthusiast since 1981, he has owned several PCs including, a Texas instrument 99/4A, Apple Iie and IBM 386. He also owns a Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation. Games are an old passion of his that he says will never die. "Does anyone else remember Parsec and Sammy Lightfoot"?

As far as the 3D world goes, Dave is of the opinion that 3D games are "far more realistic than older 2D (sprite-based) games of yesteryear, especially when it comes to FPS' (first-person shooters)." When Doom was released in the early 90s, he knew that the gaming industry had hit something big. His choice game of the moment is Half-Life, by Sierra/Valve, a first-person shooter (FPS) complete with plenty of excellent opportunities to "mow people down," as he calls it. When playing with friends, his favorite weapon is the Snark. "There’s nothing more amusing than dropping a dozen of those things and watching the little buggers scurry after your enemies, chomping them into tiny bits."

In the real world, Dave, 31, works for a major biomedical clinical research organization as a hardware specialist in the Information Technology department. In addition to his responsibilities in the hardware arena, he serves as the company’s Web site designer and webmaster. Since he’s single, Dave has plenty of time for his other hobbies which include, jet skiing, snow skiing, mountain biking, softball, tennis and acting.

What bit of advice can he offer other 3dfx gamers? "Keep testing the games and continue reporting any bugs/issues to 3dfx so they can continually improve their products and drivers."

Interested in chatting with Dave about the latest games or hardware? Get in touch with him at . Please note that he is a gamer, not a 3dfx employee.

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