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Is the Voodoo3 compatible with my motherboard?

Here is a list of known motherboard hardware issues (voltage hardware issues will affect AGP models only):

The Abit LX6 pre-revision 1.1 has a known voltage issue.

The revision 1.05 Asus P2L97 has a known voltage issue. (http://www.asus.com.tw/Products/Techref/Misc/rivatnt-rework.html)

The FIC PA-2013 has a voltage issue which will burn out the motherboard after an extended period of time using the Voodoo 3.

The FIC VB-601-V will fail to load Windows (protection error) with the current AMI Bios.

Multiple Gigabyte boards have known voltage issues, including the: GA-BXC , GA-BXE, and the GA-BX2000.

Here is a handy list (from the Gigabyte German website, no less) of Gigabyte boards that WILL work with the Voodoo 3:

GA-BX2000 PCB ver.1.1 Jumper 20 und 21 muß gesetzt sein
GA-6BXC PCB ver.2.0
GA-6BXE PCB ver.2.0
GA-6BX7 PCB ver.1.4
GA-6BA PCB ver.3.0
GA-6ZXC PCB ver.2.0
GA-6VXE PCB ver.2.2
GA-6VA7 PCB ver.1.2

I'm having a problem with a specific game, where do I get patches?

3dfx Gamers





How do I uninstall my old video card?

You'll need to get rid of those pesky Windows registry conflicts (sigh) from previous video cards, sometimes this is where the format comes in, but most of the time a little regediting (with the help of the board manufacturer, if necessary) will get the job done.

If the games are not crashing but simply going to a blank screen then adjusting the refresh rate to "adapter default" or using one of the generic Microsoft Windows monitor types (Super VGA xxx-xxx) will take care of it.

(HOW TO CHANGE THE MONITOR *.INF FILE: go into the "device manager", double click on the monitor listed there, choose the "driver" tab, choose "update driver" or "change driver" (depending on which version of Windows you have), you'll want to "display a list of all drivers", don't let Windows search for it, then "show all hardware", the standard Microsoft monitors are at the top of the list.)

Download and install the latest drivers.

www.3dfxgamers.com - Latest drivers, all models.

http://www.voodoo.dk (Voodoo 3 2000, 3000 only - V1.02.11 driver)

VoodooExtreme (Voodoo 3 2000, 3000 only - V1.02.11 driver)

3dfiles.com (Voodoo 3 2000, 3000 only - V1.02.11 driver)

How should I set my BIOS settings?

Enable CPU WRITE ALLOCATE or K6 WRITE (this setting is usually necessary for DirectX games to work correctly on AMD boards)

@@K6 Users@@ if your BIOS doesn't have this setting then update the BIOS, if no BIOS update is available then use the "Powertweak" utility from:


or the freeware Windows 9x/DOS utility to set K6 Write Allocation:




Disable the L2 (external) cache @@K6 Users@@ (only necessary if experiencing game crashes, etc.)

Video BIOS Cache: Disabled

Video BIOS Shadow: Disabled

Palette Snoop: Disabled

AGP Turbo Mode: Disabled

AGP Aperture Size: 64

PnP Aware OS: Yes

Resources Controlled by: Auto

Assign IRQ to VGA: Yes

Is my Voodoo3 getting an IRQ?

Verify in the Windows "device manager" that the V3 has an IRQ assigned to it and the IRQ is not shared with any other devices except for the IRQ holder for PCI steering. (hint: double click on the "computer" icon which is always at the top of the device manager's list of devices, this will give you a complete report of all IRQ's and which devices are using them)

Motherboard Updates and other information

Make sure that you have the latest System BIOS, Motherboard Bus Mastering Drivers, and AGP Bus Drivers from your Motherboard Manufacturer.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VERIFY WITH YOUR MOTHERBOARD MANUFACTURER WHICH AGP AND BUS MASTERING DRIVERS YOU SHOULD USE, these links are provided as a courtesy only. If you download and install the wrong driver, it could cause Windows to not operate properly and/or no longer boot up.

If you have a VIA MVP3 AGP chipset, then you can download the most current AGP and bus mastering drivers at: http://www.viatech.com or http://www.via.com.tw click on "drivers"

If you have an ALI Alladin V AGP chipset, go to: http://www.acerlabs.com click on "drivers" or http://www.ali.com.tw click on "support"

IMPORTANT: When installing these updated AGP drivers, if given the option of choosing "Normal Mode" or "Turbo Mode," you MUST choose "Normal Mode."

Last but not least, contact your motherboard manufacturer and inquire if your board has a linear or switching voltage regulator. If your board has a linear regulator then you WILL have problems. More info on the voltage regulators can be posted if anyone requests this.

Now, if you're still having problems after trying all the suggestions, then you need to differentiate if it is a hardware or software issue, which means format and clean install your O/S and then if you are STILL having problems, then post to the board your issue, include all pertinent data, your system, the processor you have, the motherboard, the soundcard, what your problem is (specifically please!), what you've done so far to try and correct the problem, etc, etc, etc.

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