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Loop Your Way Around the Universe


Tired of living in today’s world? Killer Loop welcomes you to the twenty-second century where mankind has surpassed all expectations. Disease is a plague of the past, as is war and political confrontation. In this era, people seek new challenges and adventures. And for those of you who have a hunger for speed, you'll certainly get your fill in this new thrill ride.

The Magneto-Kinetic (MK) League has created a new sport in which they pilot magnetically driven Tripods (racers that roll on friction-balls). The top pilots battle with time, gravity and their competitors for the trophy. With increasingly challenging raceways under construction, pilots are kept on their toes battling not only with their rivals, but with architects as well. What would a game be without fierce competition?


As a pilot, you have your pick of using one of twelve different Tripod vehicles manufactured by three separate companies. Each Tripod is equipped with a Magneto-Kinetic engine that uses energy from beneath the raceway surface allowing the vehicle to move forward, backwards and sideways.

Of course every gamer wants to win, so to receive top honors in this game, you must develop superior piloting skills and possess the necessary skills to implement an excellent battle strategy. To give gamers bit of an edge, Killer Loop offers special “bonuses” which are included along the raceway tracks and tunnels. Particle fields on the raceway surface add power to your Attach-Magnet and increase the speed of your Tripod. The hovering purple pyramids offer either offensive or defensive items such as rockets or mines. You can use these items immediately, or save them up to obtain more powerful bonuses.


Gamers have the opportunity to experience optimal gameplay in several different areas of the world or outer space. Set out on your exciting adventure on Mars, the big island of Hawaii or Needle Rock. Or, if those locations aren’t adventurous enough for you, why not try Moscow, The Himalayas A and B, Space Station and the Holodrom.


Killer Loop was created using a special editing software called YEDI. The level designers used splines to create the basic track layout by positioning cross sections along the master spline, allowing the user full control over the polygonal resolution of the track. In addition to modeling the shape of the track, YEDI is also used to assign texture coordinates (UV) and attributes such as friction, collision behavior and vehicle parameters.

Killer Loop Web site www.killerloop.net

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