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3dfx and AMD sponsor GDC opening reception
[2-29-00] Join 3dfx and AMD at the Game Developer's Conference opening event in downtown San Jose!

3dfx delay earnings until March 2nd
[2-29-00] 3dfx Interactive Will Announce Year-End & Fourth Quarter Results After Close Of Market on Thursday, March 2.

CeBIT Voodoo5 report
[2-29-00] CeBIT report entirely in FRENCH on the Voodoo5.

[2-28-00] Listen in on 3dfx's financial results and the year ahead.

3dfx & Cebit Gamer
On the VSA-100 at Cebit

Who Do You Voodoo4 & 5 - 3dfx talks
[2-25-00] The Register talks about the European launch of the V4 & 5 and the new web site for that region.

Interview with Luciano Alibrandi
[2-23-00] An interview with 3dfx product manager Luciano Alibrandi in Italian can be found in the "interviews" section of this Italian 3dfx resource site.

Macworld Tokyo: Doing that Voodoo that you do
[2-18-00] The Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 were demoed at MacWorld Tokyo this week. The card will be the first in the Voodoo line with Mac specific support.

3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 Visual Quality Tests
[2-16-00] CTnews posts this review/overview of the Voodoo3 3000.

3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP Named as Best Hardware of 1999 by CNET Japan
[2-16-00] CNET Japan has announced the Voodoo3 3000 AGP as the best hardware of 1999, bestowed because of its strong feature set, performance, and price.

Voodoo 3 3000 PCI Review
[2-15-00] System logic takes on the Voodoo3 3000 PCI and has some good things to say about it. This well written review touches on all the good stuff the V3 has to offer.

3dfx board sales info
[2-14-00] 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 takes the top spot in graphics card revenue and sales for Novemeber and December of '99.

Interview with Peter Wicher
[2-14-00] Firingsquad talks with Peter about the upcoming Voodoo cards and the current information and schedule on the VSA-100 chipset. Peter also discusses the future of 3D technology in general.

T-Buffer in-depth
[2-14-00] The title explains it all. This explains how it works and the T-Buffer effects (with screenshots!).

Voodoo4/5 European launch
[2-14-00] European announcement of the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 at CeBit 2000 - Some of the world's largest game publishers will be putting their weight behind supporting the Voodoo cards.

3dfx on Tech Support part II
[2-10-00] Part two of the article below.

3dfx on Tech Support
[2-9-00] Adrenaline Vault hosts this interview with Brian Burke from the 3dfx PR department concerning the availability and effectiveness of 3dfx tech support.

3dfx announces initiatives aimed at a return to profitability
[2-7-00] More about the layoffs at 3dfx with comments from Alex Leupp about plans for increased profitability.

VSA-100 Informational Article
[2-7-00] ixbt-labs.com posts this follow up to their preview of the VSA-100. This article contains more information on the specifics of the chip.

News on the 3dfx layoffs
[2-7-00] 3dfx has laid off an unspecified number of its work force...

Interview with Brian Burke of 3dfx
[2-4-00] Brian Burke talks about the next installments in the Voodoo series and the state of 3dfx.

HardOCP article on T&L
[2-4-00] HardOCP benchmarks T&L on a GeForce and comes to some profound conclusions...

Benchmarking Relevancy (or lack thereof)
[2-4-00] ga-source brings us a good article on how to 'read' benchmarks and how much they should weigh on our decisions of the legitamacy of a piece of hardware.

Texture compressions article at 3dgpu.com
[2-1-00] Scott Cutler gets into texture compression again, explaining some of the details of TC's current state and FXT1.

System Apex article on VSA-100
[1-31-00] System Apex talks about the new VSA-100 chipset and its features, with a blurb from Peter Wicher.

A Glide Tutorial
[1-31-00] VoodooExtreme brings a Glide tutorial, presenting its many feature-facets and explaining them in an easy to follow manner.

The State of 3D
[1-27-00] An overview of the current 3D chipset manufacturing market, this article features information on all of the current 3D acceleration companies, including 3dfx.

Interview with Scott Sellers at VoodooExtreme
[1-25-00] Reverend asks Scott Sellers about 3dfx's current state, future state, and the upcoming VSA-100 technology.

Interview with Alex Leupp
[1-25-00] Gamers Depot talks with Dr. Alex Leupp, 3dfx's new CEO, about his plans for 3dfx and upcoming products.

Voodoo3 2000 PCI review at The Kawai Network
[1-25-00] David Ka Wai Chan upgrades his system from a Rage Pro to the Voodoo3 discusses what he finds.

The Return of SLI?
[1-25-00] Sharky Extreme and Scott Sellers talk about SLI and the new VSA-100 technology.

HardOCP takes a look at Transform & Lighting
[1-24-00] Transform and Lighting is discussed with benchmarks for both the GeForce and the Voodoo3 AGP.

3dfx and Linux - Interview with 3dfx's Keith Galocy
[1-20-00] 3dWars asks for 3dfx's take on the competition's moves in the Linux OpenGL space.

3dfx plots strategy for Mac Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 cards.
[1-14-00] While gamers have been the principal focus of 3dfx's Voodoo cards up until now, the company is certainly showing a concerted focus to appeal to all Mac users with their new Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 products.

3dfx Under Linux
[1-13-99] 3D graphics are hitting the Linux scene hard. All the best manufacturers of graphics cards and accelerators are releasing drivers and support for Linux, and with great 3-D games like Quake III: Arena and Unreal Tournament being released for Linux it doesn't look like the trend will change.

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3dfx in the News
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