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The "Other" Italian Stallion

"I don’t want to wipe everyone out. Just my enemies." – Al Pacino in Godfather II

Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta, 25, Rye, New York

While some people are a bit defensive about their cultural heritage, Marco “BigWop” Chiappetta seems to revel in his identity as a New York Italian. When we asked him what his favorite part of his body was, Marco replied, “I gotta go with the whole package. There's something about being a 6'3" Italian that appeals to me.” An aficionado of big family meals, fast cars and the sweet science (otherwise known as boxing), Marco is a natural first-person shooter fan. He also threatened to break our kneecaps if we didn’t feature him this week.

Like the majority of our gamers, Marco works with technology during the day and plays with it at night. As a co-founder of Computer and Cellular Centers in Rye, NY*, Marco hooks businesses up with custom designed and built-to-order computer and wireless communications systems. He gets a big charge out of showing off 3D acceleration to newbies, telling us that, “I especially love the look on a customer’s face when I first show them the difference between software and hardware accelerated modes.” For folks new to the world of 3D acceleration, Marco advises, “Always remember to use the newest drivers, add cooling, and REMEMBER TO TWEAK THAT BIOS & OS!!”

* According to the City of Rye’s official Web site, Rye is “located in Westchester County, New York, USA. Approximately 30 miles northeast of New York City, Rye maintains a beautiful, suburban life style.” Sounds like a slice heaven just minutes away from the urban sprawl.

“I've been playing games since I first started to mess with BASIC on my C64... Phew, gotta be fourteen or fifteen years ago,” Marco tells us. His current favorite titles are of the first-person flava, including the indomitable Half-Life and the twin juggernaut demos of Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena Test. His favored method of Quake 3 Arena destruction is either the explosive carnage of the rocket launcher or the more subtle sizzling death of the Plasma Cannon.

Beyond working and gaming (is there anything else?), Marco is a massive boxing fan, with his own stalker shrine dedicated to Roy Jones Jr., two-time World Champ and Olympic Silver Medalist. When he chooses to venture into the outside world, Marco tells us, “I love to put the windows down, open the roof and drive fast with some tunes blasting.” Weekends find him either hanging out with “a certain red head (wink)” or his buddies, which he tells us are “the best in the world.” He’s also in the midst of starting up his own gamer site with this same group of friends at www.stop-playing.com. The site is not yet live, but check back in a few weeks to see the results.

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